A commitment to data solutions’ safety, efficiency and reliability.

CAMPFIRE SOFTWARE is a pioneering firm that seamlessly merges creativity and functionality to redefine online storage excellence.

Future of IT and IS requires 24/7 accurate data.

CAMPFIRE VAULT fullfils such challanges by delivering safety and security to your most crucial mission critical data with state of the art end to end E2E encryption for client/server data requests and full server side encryption, all of this and more within your organization’s premises.

Uncover the full extent of secure in-house data center.

Modern organizations need to provide tools for remote and off-premises
collaboration. CAMPFIRE VAULT offers a best-in-class platform for sharing,
communication, and organization of work. Deep integration in existing
infrastructure enables quick deployment and its accessible interface facilitates fast and wide adoption in the organization.

Key features

Document sharing

Experience the fusion of imagination and expertise with Études Architectural Solutions.

Realtime Collaboration

Real-time collaborative office
document editing, in browser and
mobile apps.

Web Access

Access existing storage silos like FTP, Windows Network Drives, SharePoint, Object Storage and Samba shares seamlessly through CAMPFIRE VAULT.

Secure E2E encryption of data

Secure data with powerful file access control, multi-layer encryption, machine-learning based authentication protection and advanced ransomware recovery capabilities.

Custom App integration

Extend CAMPFIRE VAULT further with a wide variety of apps on our app store or build your own.

User management

Manage users locally or authenticate through LDAP / Active Directory, Kerberos and Shibboleth / SAML 2.0 and more.


CAMPFIRE VAULT Files offers universal file access on desktop,
mobile, and web. Find files with powerful search, share
your thoughts in comments or lock files until you are
done with them.

Deep integration

  • The core strength of Nextcloud is its ability to enhance team productivity on the go
  • Simple configuration and integration of lower costs and decrease risk while leveraging existing IT investments
  • Powerful encryption capabilities and a built-in rule-based File Access Control.
  • Above all Hosted on-premises.

Seamless collaboration

  • Real-time notifications of shares or comments on mobile devices, built-in collaborative editing of Microsoft Office compatible files.
  • Seamless transition to chat and audio/video calls and a wide variety of productivity tools to handle mail, appointments, tasks and more are available in CAMPFIRE VAULT.
  • Complemented by strong password policies, brute-force protection, ransomware protection and more.

“Campfire has saved us thousands of hours of work and has unlocked insights we never thought possible.”


CEO, Solgo

Creating safe digital experiences.

Your gateay to secure online storage excellence.



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